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Your Input is needed!  Please respond here to the Charlevoix County Hazard Mitgation Survey

Charlevoix County Hazard Mitigation Survey:  here

Public Involvement Request for the Updated Hazard Mitigation Plan:

As Charlevoix County begins with Phase 1: Data Collection & Community Survey for the updated Hazard Mitigation Plan, below is the survey link that Jennifer Neal, representative from Networks Northwest (who is contracted to update this HM Plan), has created. Your participation in this survey is voluntary but is encouraged during the planning process. We are seeking input on past projects, hazard events in your community, and potential strategies you would like to see considered in the plan. Any survey feedback is greatly appreciated as this will help the planning/data process.

St James Township Notes: 

1) Please note that the County's plan, besides covering the Island's two township needs similar to other townships in the county, will have an updated supporting document to the county's plan addressing resource and access issues during island-based emergencies due to our remoteness.  

2) If we actively participate in developing this updated hazard mitigation plan with our island needs we will become eligible for emergency funding sources such as through FEMA, funds we are not currently eligible to obtain. 

3) There are a series of documents from the 11/21/22 Local Emergency Planning Committee meeting under Emergency Preparedness in the Township Government Section of this Website or click here.   The public is welcome to participate in these quarterly meetings.

4) In December, the township will approve the establishment of an Island Safety and Health Advisory Committee made up of emergency management responders, an at-large representative representing our elderly population, and the supervisors of our two townships.  This advisory committee will be charged with representing the township on developing this county plan and island supporting document.  Public input will be encouraged during these committee's meetings and to-be-scheduled public forums.  This same advisory committee charter will go before Peaine Township's board for their consideration.