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Employment16 documents

  • Posting - NRR Position.docx
    document _recordid 2757
  • Posting - Township Assistant.Parttime Position.031924.docx
    document _recordid 2756
  • Marina Job Application.pdf
    document _recordid 2168
  • 2023 Marina Attendant Job Description.pdf
    document _recordid 2167
  • 2023 Marina Attendant Job Posting .pdf
    document _recordid 2164
  • Assessor RFP St. James Township Charlevoix County
    document _recordid 1574
  • 2021 Terrestrial Invasive Species Administrator Job Applicationn
    document _recordid 1417
  • Adopted Job Description Dock Host
    document _recordid 622
  • Adopted Job Description Dock Assistant
    document _recordid 619
  • Adopted Job Description Harbormaster St. James Twp.
    document _recordid 615
  • 2017 Job Posting Municipal Dock
    document _recordid 612
  • 2017 Lawn Maintenance Invitation to Bid
    document _recordid 610
  • Bid Submittal Form
    document _recordid 607
  • 2020 Bid for Lawn Maintenance
    document _recordid 604
  • 2021 Job Description for Terrestrial Invasive Species Administrator
    document _recordid 595
  • Peaine & St. James Job Posting for Townships Terrestrial Invasive Species Administrator
    document _recordid 589